A Brief Guide on BJD Dolls: What Are They and Where Do They Come From?

BJD Dolls comes from ‘BJD’ which is an acronym that stands for 'Ball Jointed Doll'. These are dolls that are articulated with elastic-strung balls and socket joints. While the first ones were German, we now use the term BJD to refer to the ABJD -where the 'A' stands for Asian-, a more modern type of doll cast in polyurethane synthetic resin and available in a variety of sizes and styles.

Volks Co., a Japanese toy company, pioneered this new style in 2002. Following that, many companies began producing their own line of dolls, and the majority of these companies and brands are now based in South Korea. China has many factories, and many individual artists, mostly from France and Spain, have recently emerged on the scene. The allure that these dolls have is that they look too realistic and appeal to collector’s aesthetics. 

Can you Customize BJD Dolls? 

With a variety of BJD accessories, you can customize and have your ball-jointed dolls look like your favorite characters. Most BJD dolls are customized after famous anime characters as well as movies or TV shows. Some shops offer dolls that are already done up after these famous characters. They’re all complete with outfits and accessories. 

How Much Does a BJD Cost? 

For manufacturing companies, BJD Dolls cost around $250-350 while artists who sculpt and mold these dolls by hand offer them at $500-$2000. The more expensive the dolls, the better looking they are and the more aesthetically pleasing. 

The prices also vary if you’re only looking for a base doll BJD without accessories. A blank base doll is cheaper than a full set, but you’ll still have to buy the outfit, accessories, and other customizable parts of the doll to complete your desired character. Overall, BJD Dolls are expensive. 

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