2024.05.10 Coming soon "Mononoke" medicine seller cast doll in a very limited item only!

2023.09.26 FairyLand New hand parts and resin shoe parts for sale!

2023.09.26 Free Shipping for our selected Doll In Stock!

2023.05.25 We've got some news for you! Starting June 1, when you visit our domain, you'll be automatically redirected to our new website at We can't wait for you to check it out!

But don't worry, if you're an existing customer, you can still easily manage and track your orders by visiting the following link:

2023.04.25 First, 5 customers who purchase a $500 minimum of purchase from our stock items will receive a FREE GIFT until April 30, 2023 only.

2023.03.30 FairyLand Sarang Event 2023 and MiniFee Phoeb will end tomorrow March 31, 2023.

2022.11.24 Extended Black Friday Sale starts now.

2022.10.04 [Cash Back] 30% OFF of the total amount from your shipping fee will be added to your Account Points.

2022.10.03 [FREE SHIPPING] On selective stock items, a limited item only

2022.10.03 [AZUR LANE] Because lots of people miss and continuously message us about Azur Lane Formidable. The last Chance offer has been decided and will starts now in a very limited item only.

2022.09.29 [BIG PROMO] 30% OFF and a Free Shipping on a selective item and limited item only

2022.09.16 [AZURLANE] Formidable Update: we already reached the target number of orders, we will now not accept order. Thank you for your support.

2022.09.12 [TOUKEN RANBU] Tsurumaru Kuninaga Cast Doll is now up for reservation in a very limited item and limited time only!

2022.09.12  [AZURLANE] Formidable Cast Doll reservation will end Sept. 25, 2022. Don't miss it, get yours now.


Hello Valued Customers, UPDATE FOR CHINA SHIPPING as of today

Good day!

We sincerely apologize for the delayed shipment of orders from China.
As of this time, our staff have a difficulty shipping out items coming from China.
The China government strengthens management and control over the mobility and gathering of people throughout the city to effectively block the spread of the epidemic and ensure the physical health and life safety of the citizens.

All shipments coming from China as of this time will be temporarily on hold until further notice.
We will ensure that your orders are safe. And once the shipment resumes, we'll ensure that safety precautions are taken before sending the package.

We hope you can understand.

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know.
Have a great day!

2022.09.06 Azur lane's formidable cast doll reservation will end Sept. 25, 2022, or if the expected quantity will be reached.

2022.09.06 Little Monica final order of their discontinued dolls will end in a very limited time only

2022.08.15 [DOLK] "Azur Lane" Formidable Cast Doll reservation will start on August 19, 2022.

2022.08.15 [FAIRYLAND] New arrival BJD in stock.

2022.08.10 [STOCK ITEM] Check this out, all new gorgeous dolls in stock is here in a very limited item only.

2022.08.10 [LITTLE MONICA] Last Sale, After the last sale, all products will be sold out and cannot be purchased.

2022.07.15 [FAIRYLAND] FeePle60 Alan Full Package (Canis Lupus) - Purchase this item and you can get a RealFee face plate, MiniFee head, FeePle60 Head, Feeple60 El Elf(A), and a sword (clear smoke color) For FREE.

2022.07.08 [FREE SHIPPING] Few items left for this offer.

2022.07.07 [ANGEL STUDIO DOLL] new gorgeous works, an SD size, and in a limited time offer only!

2022.07.07 [WITH DOLL] New 5% off offer in a very limited time.

2022.06.30 Good News to our valued customers Dolk-US will be having a Random Lucky Bag for every first 3 days of the month starting this month of July. From July 1st to 3rd the lucky bag content will be the tiny dolls in limited bags offer.

2022.06.24 [FAIRY LAND] Summer Event new MiniFee & PukiFee + Free Gift in a very limited time only!

2022.06.21 [MYOU DOLL] a collaboration doll of dolk x myou doll Zuzana Princess Cinderella ver. Limited

2022.06.21 [LOONG SOUL DOLL] Release a new SD boy 28 Lunar Mansions-
Leopard Ji Shui Bao Fullset.

2022.06.16 [FREE SHIPPING] BJD in stock for selected items only

2022.06.14 [MOYU DOLL] 15% off is now up again in a very limited time only

2022.06.10 [MONOCHROME] Hell feet for guys are back, limited item only

2022.06.08 To our valued customers, We would like to inform you ahead that we will be changing our PayPal account effective June 11, 2022 01:00 AM JST.
All customer new order starting June 11, 2022 payment should be sent to the new PayPal account.
The PayPal address new account is
The account name is DOLK-US.

All customers with active layaway orders that still has pending payments shall still pay through the account

If you have any inquiry please email us at

2022.06.06 [FAIRYLAND] New stock items FeePle60 Alan & MiniFee Iset

2022.06.06 [GEM OF DOLL] New release MSD girls at 15% off

2022.06.06 [AIMERAI] New Beautiful Cat Dolls

2022.05.30 【DOLK×BJD CROBI×Katharsi】Sinbi The Noble 1 pc left!

2022.05.30 [I.O.S] Re-release their dolls at 5% off in a very limited time only@

2022.05.30 [ANGEL STUDIO] New beautiful girl Jing is here.

2022.05.30 [CANDY DREAM] New cute little girl Blossom Fullset limited time only!

2022.05.30 [SOUL DOLL] New cool works Daol (Mr.Flower ver.)