Touken Ranbu Kashuu & Mikazuki New Outfit Sets

It has been decided to produce dress-up costumes exclusively for cast dolls and 
sell doll sets!

Released in collaboration with "Touken Ranbu Online" and DOLK, we have decided to produce "Uchiban costumes" exclusively for the cast dolls of Kiyomitsu Kashuu and Mikazuki Munechika! In order to enjoy the cast doll more, we have prepared a costume set for changing clothes at "Honmaru." It will also be sold as a set with both Kashu Kiyomitsu and Mikazuki Munechika cast dolls. According to preliminary information, we will begin accepting reservations on December 16, 2022, Japan Standard Time, in limited sets only.

Don't miss it, for your Kahuu and Mikazuki dolls. Thank you.